President Obama Reportedly Not Ready To Endorse Any Of The 2020 Presidential Candidates | National

On the eve of Super Tuesday, don’t look for former President Barack Obama to make any announcements about who he plans to endorse for the 2020 Presidential election. 

According to CNN, a person “close” to Obama told the cable news outlet that he will not endorse anyone before Super Tuesday. “We are skeptical that an endorsement coming from us could truly change the political winds right now,” the source allegedly said.

“He feels that he’s singularly positioned to help unify the party at the end of this. And if he were to try to put his thumb on the scale now, it would take away his ability to do so when it’s most needed — the general election.”

The source continued, “So he’s prepared to play a vigorous role in coalescing the party around the nominee and working to defeat Trump, but weighing in now likely only divides things worse and weakens his standing for when the Party will need it most.”

Obama’s former White House partner, Joe Biden captured 48 percent of the Democratic primary vote in South Carolina, defeating Sen. Bernie Sanders by nearly 30 percentage points.  

According to CNN, Obama called Biden on Saturday night after Biden’s win in the southern state. The 44th president had words of praise for Biden’s strong finish in the contest.

On February 28, an online national poll sponsored by FairVote and conducted by SurveyUSA, had Sanders at 28 percent and Biden at 21 percent. However, it remains to be seen how the polls will change after Super Tuesday now that Biden has captured South Carolina.

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