Pixar’s Onward sets out for adventure with a new international poster

Onward, Pixar, Disney, Tom Holland, Chris Pratt

Disney and Pixar’s ONWARD isn’t set to embark on a magical roadtrip in theaters until March 6, 2020, but today brings a new international poster for the animated adventure that has us ready to gas up the old van and hit the road in search of fantastic beasts and otherworldly oddities.

Directed and written by MONSTERS UNIVERSITY helmer Dan Scanlon, ONWARD stars Chris PrattTom HollandJulia Louis-Dreyfus and Octavia Spencer for an animated odyssey set in a suburban fantasy world, where two teenage elf brothers set off on a quest to discover if there is still magic out there.

Naturally, the new poster features the film’s two elven brothers, Ian Lightfoot (Tom Holland) and Barley Lightfoot (Chris Pratt). For the new and international print, the duo find themselves surrounded on all sides by mythical creatures, including rubbish-chomping unicorn, sun-bathing mermaids, faeries in flight, a wondrous wizard, and of course, the pants of their non-corporeal father. In addition to the characters, the poster also offers a glimpse of the whimsical world that the brothers plan to explore while on their radical road trip into the unknown.

You can take a look at the new poster below, and don’t forget to click on it if you’d like to own a copy of your very own!

ONWARD will put the pedal to the metal in theaters on March 6, 2020.

Onward, Pixar, Disney, Tom Holland, Chris Pratt

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