Pisces Weekly Horoscope


Ready to end the decade on a high-key note? The frequency is elevating this Tuesday, November 19, as Mars marches out of mild-mannered Libra—an uncomfortable placement for the passionate action planet—and into fellow water sign Scorpio, its home turf. This means it’s also leaving your eighth house of secrets, jealousy and control (where it’s been churning up the waters since October 4) and entering your expansive and liberated ninth house until January 3. If you’ve felt stuck or disempowered in a certain relationship, this energetic shift can help you clear the blocks that have been holding you back. This realm rules all kinds of exploration—from travel to education to entrepreneurship—and your interactions with people from different walks of life will be stimulating for the next two months. Getting to know folks whose lifestyles are wildly divergent from yours keeps life interesting—and for single Fish, can spark chemistry! Attached? You can catalyze a romantic revival by introducing some frisky adventures to your private life. Or just take the same week off from work and plan a fun staycation together, emphasis on sensual surprises!

While Mercury was retrograde in Scorpio and this expansive zone (since October 31), you might have felt more than a little out of control. Travel plans—ALL plans actually—could have gotten messed up, and communication may have been more like an exercise in futility. Get ready to exhale, Pisces: This Wednesday, the messenger planet corrects course, eager to make up for lost time and opportunities. Between then and December 9, you’ll be back in visionary mode, with your long-range plans back in sharp focus. Set your GPS coordinates, chart out your direction and hit the accelerator. The ninth house also governs honesty, and if someone’s been playing a little fast and loose with the truth, you’ll start to see more clearly despite any wool they’ve pulled over your eyes. But don’t go flinging any accusations just yet. You need solid proof, an airtight case AND an open mind. When the communication planet was rogue, things probably weren’t what they seemed. For all you know, it was an innocent misunderstanding. Whew!

On Friday, the stars pour rocket fuel into your professional tanks as the fearless Sun blazes into the sign of the upward-aiming Archer and your career corner for a monthlong expedition. No sign mixes business with pleasure better than Pisces, so whatever you do, think multi-purposely. Seasonal soirees are ideal networking opportunities, and the holidays provide a perfect “excuse” for taking clients and colleagues out for drinks or dinner—and to plant the seeds for fun and profitable collaborations in the new decade. Even if you’re a little tired or not feeling it, revive yourself enough to show up for important industry invitations. You never know which event could yield THE business contact of the year. It’s a lot easier to schmooze with the CEO at a festive party than to book facetime during the busiest time of the year. If you’ve been mulling an entrepreneurial launch, this could be your moment…or at least the perfect time for a beta test or listening party.

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