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Social media largely rallied in support of Kelvin Peña, an Instagram influencer known by the moniker Brother Nature, after footage was released of him being assaulted by numerous men while people looked on and did nothing.

Now though, it seems there’s more to the story than someone famous getting jumped on camera. The owner of the Miami sandwich shop is speaking out and says Peña initiated the altercation. Video of what happened inside the restaurant was released by the owner who commented about what he believes went down.

“The story has gone too far,” the owner, whose name has not been revealed, said, according to The ShadeRoom. “He posted that as if he was the victim. He tried to crush my restaurant…I’m giving all the footage over to the police and I’ve called my lawyer.”

TMZ reports that witnesses say Nature was sitting at a table inside the sandwich shop and demanded to be served by a waiter, even though the staff had stopped serving at that point. Everyone who wanted food apparently had to order at the counter. The next series of events is what you see unfold in the above video.

Brother Nature confronted the staff over the situation and allegedly touted his celebrity status. A man was allegedly filming Nature from behind the counter, which also angered him, TMZ says.

From there, the fight spilled out into the parking lot, which is where the first viral video of the incident happened. Witnesses also say that after BN got jumped outside, he returned to the inside of the restaurant. 

That’s when the indoor fight began, which was also captured on camera and released at the same time as the initial video of the incident happened.

The man who allegedly attacked Brother Nature is also speaking out over the incident. During an interview with Drama Alert, he says BN wasn’t jumped and confirmed other witnesses’ accounts of how the altercation began.

“First of all, nobody jumped Brother Nature. The only person hitting him was me,” the man, who identifies himself as “D” said, claiming he pulled down chairs from tables that were put up. He also says he asked BN to leave because he was making a scene.

“I pull out my phone and record because he was sounding like an arrogant d***head. At this point, you could tell he’s drunk, belligerent.”

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D said one of the girls Brother Nature was with told D to stop recording Nature and demanded he hand over his phone. “I told her to take two steps back before I spit her. She don’t have to get up in my face for nothing.” Brother Nature, according to D, then yelled out, “Who’s recording?” 

“He comes right up to me, he gets right in my face, and goes ‘Yo, give me your phone right now.’ I laughed at him, put my phone on the table, and ask if he knows who’s he’s speaking to.”

D then claims, “[Brother Nature] goes, ‘I don’t give a f**k who you are. Give me your phone right now.'” D then claims he told him to back up or he’d “smack the nature” out of him. 

“You two are dead men,” D says BN told him and his cousin after taking a picture of them.

While the Miami Police Department reportedly received a call around 5:45 a.m. for a disturbance at the restaurant, when officers responded, those involved in the ordeal were no longer in the area.

Less than an hour ago, Brother Nature took to his Instagram to show his 2.7 million followers that although he needs an ice pack, he’s still living the life.

Brother Nature, who was born in New York, catapulted to social media fame after posting videos on social media showing off his unique ability to befriend wild animals, including a small herd of deer that visits his backyard, known as the Deer Squad.

Photo: Marco Garcia/Getty Images for Karmagawa

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