Omarion Introduces His Children To Outdoor Meditation, And Their Participation Is An Entire Mood

If you look up the word “unbothered” in the dictionary, you are most likely to see Omarion’s photo next to the definition. Not literally, but you get the point! 

Known for letting bygones be bygones, the multi-talented performer knows how to keep his cool and it looks like the father of two is passing it on to his children, Megaa and A’mei.

Eager to get in touch with nature and to honor Earth Day, Omarion headed to his backyard with his children and brother, O’Ryan, for some much-needed outdoor meditation. We promise you, their participation is an entire mood! 

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“Yesterday was the 50th celebration of #earthday,” Omarion captioned an Instagram post on Wednesday (April 22). “Me [and] my tribe thanked Mother Earth by doing some meditation in the backyard.” 

In the video clips, the singer’s 5-year-old son Megaa appears to have connected perfectly to his inner self, while his little sister 4-year-old A’mei seems to have found inner peace.

Amazing! Meditation is an ingenious way of getting through these trying times—and it’s perfect for all ages.

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The proud father went on to share that the family was actively practicing the guided breathing technique called, “Wim Hof Method.” 

We are so glad to see the family connecting to the earth—while social distancing.

“Take care of your planet & it will take care of you,” the 35-year-old star cautioned fans. “Thank you Mother Earth.”

We couldn’t have said it better! 

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