Nick Cannon Agrees With Terrell Owens That Max Kellerman Is Blacker Than Stephen A. Smith | Sports

ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith has caught some heat from social media for his comments about Colin Kaepernick.

Smith said on the network’s show First Take that there are only two things preventing the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback from getting a job after his now-infamous Saturday (November 16) workout — his physical skills were not on par with an NFL level quarterback and two, “If he opens his damn mouth and starts talking too much and scares these teams off and gives them the indication that more of what transpired — what led to all of this — will continue forward.”

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It’s a notion that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, including Smith’s white co-host Max Kellerman. Kellerman retorted that play isn’t the reason Kaep doesn’t have a job, it’s race and his national anthem protest.

This caused Terrell Owens, who was a guest on First Take Thursday, to assert that Kellerman was “Blacker” than Stephen A. Smith.

Now, the rest of the celebrity world seems to be pondering which side they’re taking in this multidimensional debate, including Nick Cannon.

TMZ caught up with the actor in Los Angeles and asked if he also believed Kellerman was “Blacker” than Smith.

“He is!” Cannon said in a joking manner. “At the end of the day, you always have to stand for your culture. We have our closed door conversations behind closed doors but we always gotta have a united front as a people.”

He continued, “I support Kaepernick 100 percent. I  always have been with him ‘cause that’s one of my close friends.”

Nick Cannon also says that Kaepernick still has the skills to play in the league and “that’s all that matters.”

See TMZ’s interview with Nick Cannon below.

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