NFL Helmets To Display Names Of Victims Of Police Brutality | Sports

Whenever the NFL returns, names like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor will reportedly be featured prominently on the back of players’ helmets.

According to TMZ, the league plans to release photos, a few of which they received and released, of the helmets. It confirms a report that players would be able to honor victims of racism and police brutality.

Floyd, Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and Botham Jean are among the names players are wearing.

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Front Office Sports initially mentioned that there were plans for helmet tributes for victims, however many believed it’d be in the form of a commemorative sticker, similar to past tributes for people who have died unexpectedly. Featured on the tail of the helmet, the tributes are more prominent.

The helmets won’t reportedly be the only tributes for Floyd, Taylor and others. TMZ is reporting that a new phrase, “It Takes All of Us,” will be painted across the back of end zones. ESPN adds that “End Racism” will also be prominently featured on end zones.

Previously, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell apologized for the league’s failure to address systemic racism internally and player’s demands they be able to peacefully protest at NFL games.

For images of the helmets and endzones, click here.

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