New Releases Coming to BET+ This July

Summer 2020 may not be the summer you expected, but that doesn’t mean that the fun ends. Take it inside with weekly family movie nights or create an intimate date night. BET+ has over 1,500 hours of programming between exclusives, original content, and classic movies. Check out the newest releases below which will all be available on BET+ on July 1st.To learn more, visit


Madea’s Family Reunion (stage play)

Created By: Tyler Perry

Starring: Tyler Perry, Quan Howell, Sonya Evans, D’atra Hicks, Tamela Mann, and David Mann

Why You Should Watch It: 

The original Tyler Perry stage play that inspired Hollywood blockbuster, Madea’s Family Reunion is coming to BET+ just in time for your virtual family reunion this year. The Simmons family doesn’t miss a beat after coming together for a funeral, wedding, and family reunion on the same weekend. It’s up to no-nonsense, Madea (Tyler Perry) to keep the family together through fights, scandals affairs, and more. Exclusive to BET+, “Madea’s Family Reunion” will have you in stitches while reminding you about the importance of family.


Why Did I Get Married? (stage play)

Created By: Tyler Perry

Starring: Cheryl Pepsii Riley, Lavan Davis, Donna Stewart, Cordelle Moore, Greg Stewart, Demetria McKinney, and Beverly Faulks

Why You Should Watch It: 

The original stage play behind Tyler Perry’s hit film, “Why Did I get Married?” is coming exclusively to BET+ as Black love takes center focus during this wedding season. The play follows an old group of friends as they come together for their annual couple’s retreat. Dysfunction ensues as we peel back the curtain on each couple’s marriage and begin to address the complexity of relationships. When a sexy young temptress threatens one of the already troubled marriages, this close-knit group rallies together to examine their own relationships and to rediscover the precious reason “why did I get married?”


Juwanna Mann

Written By: Bradley Allenstein

Directed By: Jesse Vaughn

Starring: Miguel A. Núñez Jr., Vivica A. Fox, and Tommy Davidson

Why You Should Watch It:

Fictional basketball player Jamal Jeffries (Miguel A. Núñez Jr.) had it all until a physical altercation got him booted from the league. With some help, Jamal gets back on the court by transforming himself into a female basketball player, Juwanna Man. This film is guaranteed to provide laughs and packs all of the courtside action needed as you await the NBA season to resume.


Two Can Play That Game

Directed and Written By: Mark Brown

Starring: Vivica A. Fox and Morris Chestnut

Why You Should Watch It:

Shante Smith (Vivica A. Fox) is a woman who gives other women advice to help keep their men in check. That all changes when she meets her match in attorney boyfriend, Keith Fenton (Morris Chestnut) who threatens to stray. This popular romantic comedy will keep you entertained at every twist and turn. 


Barbershop 2: Back in Business

Written By: Don D. Scott

Directed By: Kevin Rodney Sullivan

Starring: Ice Cube, Cedric The Entertainer, Sean Patrick Thomas, Eve and Queen Latifah

Why You Should Watch It:

The whole gang is back as Calvin’s Barbershop faces stiff competition from rival barbershop chain, “Nappy Cutz.” “Barbershop 2: Back in Business” is a story about the impact of gentrification on the reputation and livelihood of a long-standing south Chicago barbershop. This film is the perfect family movie night pick – so grab your loved ones, a bowl of popcorn, and head to the couch.


Iceberg Slim: A Portrait of a Pimp

Produced By: Ice-T

Starring: Iceberg Slim, Ice-T, Henry Rollins, Snoop Dogg, Katt Williams, Chris Rock, Quincy Jones, and Henry Rollins

Why You Should Watch It:

Critically acclaimed documentary, “Iceberg Slim: A Portrait of a Pimp,” examines the life of legendary pimp and author, Iceberg Slim. With appearances from Ice-T, Henry Rollins, Chris Rock, Snoop Dogg, Katt Williams, Quincy Jones, and more, this piece shares the autobiographical work of Iceberg Slim, which is considered to be the genesis of blaxploitation films and gangster rap. 


Good Fences

Written By: Erika and Trey Ellis

Directed By: Ernest R. Dickerson

Starring: Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover, and Mo’Nique

Why You Should Watch It:

An African-American attorney, Tom Spader (Danny Glover), is determined to make it in a white man’s world by moving his wife and children to a white neighborhood in Greenwich, Connecticut, where the family tackles racism head-on. The original made-for-tv movie includes an all-star ensemble, including Danny Glover, Whoopi Goldberg, and Mo’Nique.


Whitney Houston: The Woman Behind the Voice

Directed By: Maureen Goldthorpe

Why You Should Watch It:

“Whitney Houston: The Woman Behind the Voice” retraces the music icon’s journey to stardom from humble beginnings to international fame. Whitney Houston is easily one of the most influential music artists of our time and is known for her massive vocal range and powerful tone. This documentary is the perfect film for the aspiring artist in your life.


Mama Flora’s Family

Written By: Alex Haley

Directed By: Peter Werner

Starring: Cicely Tyson, Erika Alexander, Blair Underwood, Mario Van Peebles, and Queen Latifah 

Why You Should Watch It:

Originally a novel by Roots author, Alex Haley, television miniseries, “Mama Flora’s Family” follows the events of matriarch, Flora (Erika Alexander and Cicely Tyson) from 1900-1970. Flora’s life experiences include growing up in the age of sharecropping, experiencing both World Wars as a young adult and witnessing the impact of the civil rights movement on Black America as an elder. This series not only educates but provides a fictional glimpse into African-American history over the past century.

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