New image, release date for Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories lands online

As a precocious seven year old in 1985, Amazing Stories was my jam. Not only did its tales of the fantastic and the macabre dazzle and delight me, it was the first time I really discovered the name Steven Spielberg (READY PLAYER ONE). By then I’d watched several of his movies (RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK chief among them), however Amazing Stories was the first time a director’s name influenced me. From then on anything Spielberg did I was watching it.

Steven Spielberg created the series (based on the 1920s pulp fiction magazine) and directed the very first episode, “Ghost Train.” Although the show was a critical success winning five total Emmys, it just didn’t snag the ratings it needed to stay afloat. Consequently, Amazing Stories was scrapped after two seasons and forty-five episodes. I’m not saying seven year old me cried but I’m not not saying that either.

Thankfully fans of the original television show are in for a treat as a reboot of the anthology series debuts on Apple TV+ later this year. In fact the newly formed streamer already has a release date picked out – March 6. Moreover head of development Matt Cherniss revealed at the TCA press tour that five episodes of the program will be available for immediate consumption on that date. Whether or not the first season only consists of five episodes or if this is merely “Part I” remains to be seen. In addition, Apple TV+ also dropped a brand new image for the series you can check out below:

The image is from the upcoming episode “The Rift” directed by Mark Mylod (The Affair). “The Rift” stars Kerry Lynn Bishe, Whitney Coleman, Trisha Mashburn, Austin Stowell, Edward Burns and Juliana Canfield. I could be wrong but I’m almost positive this story is going to involve a hole between dimensions or perhaps a rift in the space-time continuum. Where’s Doc Brown when you need him? All joking aside the mother and son in this picture look pretty terrified and unless the guys behind them are getting ready for a milkman convention, I’m pretty sure those are some kind of containment suits.

Of the new series Amblin Television co-Presidents Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey commented, “We’re honored to bring a new anthology of Amazing Stories to audiences on Apple TV+, which serves as the perfect platform for us to deliver the emotionally engaging, wondrous tales that families can enjoy and experience together.” Frank and Falvey bring up a good point about the original Amazing Stories that I’d forgotten. The show was very much a family oriented show that everyone could enjoy. It was kind of like an Are You Afraid of the Dark? but with a little more bite. It sounds like the new iteration will be more of the same.

Are you excited for the new Amazing Stories series? Did you watch the original on NBC? Any chance Spielberg returns to direct an episode? Sound off in the comments below!

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