Michael B. Jordan could be Warner Bros next Superman

Get ready for social media to eat itself and the Internet to resemble a melted object after being hit with a powerful blast of heat vision.

Ever since 2017’s WONDER WOMAN, Warner Bros. has appeared to right the DC ship. Aside from JUSTICE LEAGUE, the company has scored a succession of commercial and/or critical hits with SHAZAM!, AQUAMAN, and JOKER. The upcoming BIRDS OF PREY looks like a blast and we are just days away from a WONDER WOMAN 1984 trailer. James Gunn‘s THE SUICIDE SQUAD is also set to be rated-R with potentially more R-rated DC properties on the way. Moreover, director Matt Reeves‘ THE BATMAN continues to add more A-List talent with each passing day and I have no doubt the filmmaker’s latest take on the Dark Knight will be something special.

With a True North starting to take shape for Warner Bros. the one thing they can’t seem to get a handle on is Superman. The studio has rebooted the character twice in the last thirteen years, first with Brandon Routh and later with Henry Cavill. Cavill suggested last year with a bizarre video that he might not be the Blue Boyscout anymore, only to backtrack last week. Well according to an exclusive report from Variety that offered a glut of DC film news, it’s possible that Warner Bros. may be circling a new actor to play the Last Son of Krypton, and it’s a doozy.

Warner Bros. is considering casting Michael B. Jordan as the next man to play Clark Kent/Superman. Sources confirmed that the CREED star met with Warner Bros. earlier this year to pitch his vision of the character. Now it’s crucial to note that absolutely nothing is confirmed at this time. The studio has been scouring a Doomsday sized amount of high profile talent and Jordan just happens to be one of those names. Jordan has not committed because he has a number of projects on the horizon, there’s no director or writer in place, and a new Superman movie isn’t likely to hit theaters until 2023.

Now as I said there currently is no director, however J.J. Abrams is in early discussions with WB to possibly direct a new Superman film. The writer/director’s company Bad Robot recently signed a mega-deal with Warner Bros. and a Superman movie is a potential project. However, another DC property, Green Lantern, is also being considered by Abrams and company. Noted comic writer Geoff Johns is currently hard at work on THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS script and expects to have it done by the end of the year. Johns is expected to present the script to Abrams and Bad Robot with the intention of having them produce the film. In addition, Johns is concurrently partnering with Greg Berlanti on a Green Lantern television show.

For those of you also wondering about THE FLASH film and BATGIRL, the Variety story also claims both of those projects are still very much in the works. Anthony Muschietti remains the director for the speedster flick and DC has tapped Christina Hodson to write the script. Once she concludes work on THE FLASH, Hodson will move on to pen BATGIRL as well. However, production on THE FLASH isn’t likely to roll out until 2021 after Ezra Miller films FANTASTIC BEASTS 3. In the meantime, WB is also looking for potential directors for THE TRENCH, a spinoff of AQUAMAN. Speaking of the King of Atlantis, the follow-up to the 2018 smash hit is set to begin filming in early 2021 with James Wan stepping back into the director’s chair.

Man guys this is a lot to taken in. Michael B. Jordan as Superman? A J.J. Abrams directed Green Lantern film? An R-rated SUICIDE SQUAD movie with others on the way? My brain is buzzing worse than Brainiac after downloading the Encyclopedia Galactica.

But who cares what I think! What do you guys think about all this news? Are you nervous? Are you ready to leap a tall building in a single bound with all your excitement? Sound off in the comments below!



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