Meghan McCain Has A Twitter Temper Tantrum After ‘The New York Times’ Calls Her ‘Privileged’

Meghan McCain is having a temper tantrum after The New York Times had an opinion — even though she gets paid to have an opinion about everyone else. 

Shamira Ibrahim, culture writer and reporter for the NYT, wrote, “For some viewers, Ms. McCain is the privileged product of conservative nepotism, capitalism and the American military-industrial complex. That coalescence naturally renders her a villain to progressives, who envision her as the cathartic personification of a punching bag on social media. Conversely, each pile-on reinforces her self-written narrative of the long-suffering victim of censorship.”

She also explains how McCain plays a “high-wire act,” claiming she could be fired any minute because of “the tone of where we are culturally.” We all know McCain isn’t going anywhere because she sparks conversation and, even if she were “fired,” the daughter of the late Sen. John McCain is so rich and privileged, she is set for life with or without a job at ABC.  

Nonetheless, the Princess of Arizona is outraged. She wrote on Twitter to the New York Times, “Everyone already knows how much you despise red state, pro life, pro #2A conservative women, and wish we would all just go away.”

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