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Meghan Markle may not be living in the United Kingdom for the time being but she apparently hasn’t escaped the British press.

That said, she’s decided to fight back against the tabloids for invading her privacy. According to TMZ, on Tuesday (January 21), lawyers for Markle and husband Prince Harry sent a cease-and-desist letter to British media outlets threatening legal action against them if they publish or purchase the pictures of Meghan, her son, Archie, and two dogs during a walk on Vancouver Island.

The letter reportedly implies a coming lawsuit, because photos of the walk have already been published. Multiple outlets posted the pics in question on Monday and they remain up as of now.

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“There are serious safety concerns about how the paparazzi are driving and the risk to life they pose,” the letter states, according to the celebrity news outlet. Lawyers for the couple also say the photographer who took the photos was hiding in the bushes and spying on Meghan. 

They also claim the paparazzi have set up camp outside of Meghan and Harry’s Vancouver Island home and are armed with telephoto lenses.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have always considered their privacy a priority, but they’re especially serious about it now, considering it was the tabloids that largely drove them from living in Harry’s home country. Last year, the couple sued a U.K. tabloid for alleged misuse of private information.

According to TMZ, Canadian laws are not as strict when it comes to public photography, and if any case regarding it comes to trial, it could set a precedent there. 

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