Meghan Markle Is Reportedly Negotiating Deals With Fashion Companies, Including Wedding Gown Designer Givenchy

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be just fine after announcing they will become “financially independent” after stepping back from “senior” royal positions

The Duchess is no stranger to the fashion industry. Once she married Prince Harry in 2018, her influence in the fashion world has become more powerful than ever before. The dress she wore for her engagement photo sold out in minutes, and her wedding gown has been replicated by a ton of brands. 

Back in September, Meghan released her Smart Works charity collection, which sold out in minutes. All of her influence in the fashion world has been dubbed the “Meghan Markle Effect.” 

Well, according to The Sun, the former actress is already negotiating deals with luxury fashion houses, including Givenchy, the brand that designed her wedding gown. Meghan is known for her chic style, so if she’s designing a collection, it will be wonderful!

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