Mandalorian season 2 coming Fall 2020 featuring more Original Trilogy aliens

Hot on the shiny heels of today’s season 1 finale for THE MANDALORIAN, Jon Favreau has officially announced that a sophomore season of the series is coming to Disney+ in Fall 2020.

Favreau revealed that THE MANDALORAIAN would indeed be returning for another season via Twitter, where he included a photo of a near-naked Gamorrean alongside today’s most-glorious confirmation!

Oh wow! Just when you thought that this week’s news cycle had little to offer, along comes this exciting bit of news. I use the term “news,” but c’mon, we all knew that a second season of THE MANDALORIAN was inevitable, amiright? After all, the world needs to pump more Baby Yoda into its veins, and the best way to get that fix is with more Lone Wolf and Cub-like adventures of Pedro Pascal‘s Mando and his little green buddy.

It goes without saying that THE MANDALORIAN has been a huge success for Disney, so I’m in no way surprised that they’re moving forward with another installment of the series. What makes this news even sweeter is that more Madalorian-centric adventures means traveling to new planets, meeting strange new characters, and expanding the Star Wars Universe in ways that only an episodic offering can and will.

It certainly has been an exciting year for Star Wars fans, and with 2020 just around the corner, I’ve no doubt that we’ll be getting word of even more promsiing projects set in galaxies far, far away.

Are you excited for another season of THE MANDALORIAN? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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