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Lizzo killed it last week as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. It’s safe to assume she may have been caught up in the moment so when a particular comedy legend showed her some love, she wasn’t too excited — well, that is according to the one and only Luenell.

Luenell, who appeared in films like Borat, Think Like a Man and, most recently, Eddie Murphy’s Dolemite Is My Name, said the rapper and singer wasn’t too excited to meet her. She wrote on her Instagram, “I briefly spoke 2 u last weekend @nbcsnl u didn’t seem particularly excited ta meet me like I was ta meet You.” 

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However, it was no hard feelings for Luenell. She continued, “But it was a Lot of activity going on and ur Mom & Sis Totally made up fa that because they were Stoaked & we took pics and hugged it up. I was SO not offended.”

She also praised her for representing the big girls and pitched an idea of a collaboration that would include herself, Lizzo and even two-time Oscar nominee Melissa McCarthy, “I would Luvvvvv ta do a collabo of some sort witcha. This idea was brought to me by songwriter and producer @papaleemusic and a few More heavyweights n the industry. This post may never reach ur eyes but you Will b hearing fr me n 2020. Bet. Hey @melissamccarthy wanna get n on this action? How bout a juicy baby oiled photoshoot, or music video or whatever…tha 3 of us?”

Well, it’s all about setting goals for 2020 and you have to love Luenell for aiming big. See her full pitch below.

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