Lori Harvey’s Ex Shared A Picture Of Him And Steve Harvey In Celebration Of The New Year | Celebrities

Lori Harvey just traveled to Africa with Future, however, one of her past relationships is making headlines. 

Memphis Depay, her ex-fiancé, posted a picture on his Instagram with a cryptic message. “Seen a lot, heard a lot, learned a lot,” the post’s caption reads.

Perhaps more cryptic though – the photo features Lori’s father Steve Harvey. The two were tagged and are seen smoking cigars together.

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It isn’t clear when the photo was taken, but the timing of the post was very curious.

Future, who has been reconnecting with Lori Harvey, is set to perform at the Eko Convention Centre in Lagos, Nigeria on December 29. 

Depay is a Dutch soccer player who plays for Olympique Lyonnais. He and Harvey dated and were engaged for a brief period before ending their relationship at the end of 2017.

See Depay’s IG post below.

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