Lizzo Answers The Burning Question On Everyone’s Mind In The Most Hilarious, Lizzo Way Ever

All hail the queen of itty-bitty purses. 

Lizzo has ripped the red carpet with her miniature bags leaving fans scratching their heads as to what she could possibly fit inside.

She has been famously seen carrying a vintage Louis Vuitton pochette bag and her viral Valentino micro accessory, but in typical Lizzo fashion, the singer gave us nothing but laughs when she finally revealed all of the contents in her mega-famous tiny handbag.

In a comical TikTok video uploaded to her Instagram on Monday (Jan. 13) the fashionista and award-winning artist, wearing a black and white bodysuit with a pink harness had an assortment of goodies to pull out from her dainty lavender French labeled Jacquemus piece.

A pencil, TV remote and a can of Pringles were the first of many items to come out of the mini bag. 

Later, she pulls out all of the essentials for a night out! A bottle of red wine, a laced neon dress and a waist-length wig to complement her look.  

It looks like Lizzo and her petite bags are not going anywhere!

(Photo: Monica Schipper/Getty Images)

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