Libra Weekly Horoscope


How much time do you spend thinking about the bottom line, Libra? If your answer is anything but “It’s top priority,” you’ll get some powerful opportunities to make some big changes starting on Tuesday, November 19. That day, motivational Mars leaves your sign and returns to Scorpio for the first time in two years, bringing its unparalleled drive and energy to bear on your second house of money and practical magic until January 3. For the next seven weeks, you can channel all that driven, competitive energy you may have felt while the red planet was in your sign into your financial well-being. Looking for a new gig? While the holiday season isn’t traditionally the best time to change jobs, you never know! If you’re just hoping for a little infusion of cash for gift-giving (and partygoing), put the word out to your own network. Let enough people know—and actually apply for positions—and you’re sure to land something. The temptation will be to spend it all, but see if you can squirrel away more than a few nuts to get 2020 off to a more comfortable start. And in whatever you do, be patient (always a challenge when Mars is stomping through a house). There’s generally a waiting period between when you reach out and when people get back to you. Channel that anxious energy into more physical pursuits, like blood-pumping workouts or long walks in nature.

All kinds of shifts around money and spending are underway this week, and Wednesday could bring even more as mental Mercury ends a befuddling retrograde in your financial sector that began on October 31. If you weren’t able to get a grip on your budget—or perhaps were hit with an unexpected expense—you should see a turn-around now. While your luxury-loving sign doesn’t relish the concept of “budget,” you may have been forced to tighten the belt a bit while Mercury backstroked through your fiscal sector. Now that it’s correcting course, you’ll be wise to stretch out that self-restraint as long as you can. If you’re feeling deprived (which, trust us, is just a feeling!), treat yourself to a “closet shopping spree.” With discernment and creativity, you could pull together some fierce looks with the clothes you already have. Tap that same imagination to find clever (and painless) ways to bring in more revenue. When you’re going through your drawers, for instance, make a pile of everything that’s still in good shape but just doesn’t “spark joy” for you anymore and take it to a consignment shop or sell it on Poshmark. With Mercury sailing ahead in Scorpio until December 9, you could also be cashing in on a raise, bonus or some new clients. The wait is over, so get your hustle on!

The week ends on a social high note as the radiant Sun shimmies into Sagittarius and your convivial third house on Friday. As a “superconnector” air sign, you don’t usually need much prodding to get out and hit the scene, but this annual month-long cycle grants you official #lifeoftheparty status. That should come as a huge relief after all the number-crunching and waistband-tightening of the previous four weeks. Rally the troops and hatch a plan to celebrate in fine Libra style. But pace yourself: This cycle will take you right into the holidays, which will bring their own flavor of festivities!

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