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November 23, 2019

Build some boundaries, Libra! Resist the urge to rush to everyone’s rescue on Saturday. It’s wonderful that you love to support your friends, but make sure your “helpful” behavior doesn’t turn into codependency. Steer clear of emotional vampires who drain your energy reserves. Instead of getting sucked into someone else’s drama, focus on your own needs. If someone in your circle is truly struggling, empower them to solve their own problems. Recommend a therapist or point them toward inspiring resources that will enable them to overcome this obstacle. Mix and mingle on Sunday, as your ruler, fun-loving Venus, aligns with larger-than-life Jupiter in your third house of community and communication. Connect with potential collaborators at a local cultural event or host some power players at your place for an impromptu wine night. Flowing conversation could lead to a business opportunity…or even a full-blown romance!

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