Leslie Jones Boycotted Performing At The Comedy Cellar In Protest Of Louis C.K. | Celebrities

Leslie Jones was the subject of a recent profile in the New York Times, and in it, she described the crossroads of her career and her morality.

Promoting her new Netflix special Time Machine, the Saturday Night Live alum got candid about her decades-long career and revealed she stopped from performing at New York City’s famed Comedy Cellar after it hosted Louis C.K.’s return to comedy in late 2018.

C.K. was accused of and admitted to multiple allegations of sexual misconduct in 2017. According to Jones, the club’s support of C.K. was enough for her to walk away from it.

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“I am at the age when I will get off the boat and get on another damn boat,” she explained. “I knew girls and they got to walk into the club and see him talking to the owner. That ain’t cool.”

Instead, Jones says she would regularly perform at the Comic Strip on the Upper East Side, claiming, “They took his picture down. Mine’s up.”

Also during the interview, Jones revealed she wants to host The Tonight Show “really bad,” and her reaction to Kevin Hart telling her “she would never make it big” 15 years ago. Read the full NYT profile here.

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