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MONTH OF November

Clear up family friction—and fend off feuds—before the holiday season begins, Leo. This month has a distinct domestic theme as the Sun travels through Scorpio and your homey fourth house until November 22. While this would normally be time to nest and rest, communication planet Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio until November 20, which could throw a wrench into your well-crafted plans. Arguing over whether to host the big group gathering at your place or your sister’s this Christmas? Stressing out from booking accommodations? Deep breaths. Accept that your path to clarity and calmness may require a little chaos along the way.

Managing your emotions—and your emotional reactions—might be the biggest challenge of all this November. You’ll be tempted to speak without thinking, and that could cause a few breakdowns. Your living situation might also be in flux while Mercury’s in reverse. From a rotating cast of couchsurfers to roommate drama to slowdowns with a home-hunting mission, Mercury retrograde could serve up a few challenges in your personal life.

Do your best to stay cool, especially on November 5, when an explosive Mars-Pluto square provokes your critical side. With assertive Mars in your communication zone locked into this heated angle to intense Pluto in your controlling sixth house, you might feel attacked by someone’s critical words. Your own micromanaging could put another person on the defensive, making them feel like you’re doubting their judgment. Ask questions before you fling any accusations.

A triumphant career moment arrives on November 12, when the year’s only Taurus full moon beams into your successful, ambitious tenth house. A goal you’ve been working toward for the past six months could come together at last, manifesting in a promotion or a payout. Or you may decide that it’s time to move on from one path and pursue another. Just make sure you don’t get caught in any emotional traps along the way since the full moon will sit opposite Mercury retrograde in your sensitive fourth house. Your heartstrings may be tugged, pulling you away from what your heart itself wants to do. Even if you adore your coworkers or clients, if this isn’t the right work for you, a loving goodbye is all that needs to be said. No excuses necessary here.

These moonbeams could make you crystal-clear about your big-picture mission and exactly how you’ll get there. The map-making will be bolstered by disciplined Saturn and power-hungry Pluto forming a golden trine to the full moon. Both planets are in your organized and analytical sixth house, helping you plot the perfect course to victory and identify the key players who will get you there. Think of the kind of systems and support staff you need, along with the strategic and well-connected folks who can open doors. Taking over the world is a big job, but somebody’s gotta do it! And who better to rule than the regal Lion of the zodiac?

Home becomes a heat zone starting November 19, when Mars zooms into Scorpio and your domestic quarters until January 3. Get ready for major traffic at Chateau Leo or perhaps some stressful moments with relatives. Mars shortens your patience, which isn’t exactly the best timing since you could be around family members more than usual. Instead of snapping their heads off like gingerbread men, rally everyone for some fun. Competitive Mars can help you organize outings (e.g., sledding at midnight; stacking cans at the food donation pantry) or come up with some fun games (try Heads Up! or an old classic like Pictionary) that will elicit side-splitting laughter instead of ear-splitting shouts. The key? Prioritize self-care no matter what. You could easily burn out by playing caretaker-on-steroids now.

Be especially firm with your boundaries on November 24, when Mars opposes destabilizing Uranus. You’ll be tempted to take on responsibilities that throw your life into turmoil, just to save the day. That’s not the hill you want your soul to die on, Leo, so let other people figure out their own issues and problems. Same goes for work-related “emergencies” that cut into your personal time. Just say “hell no” to taking on that last-minute assignment, even if it sounds like an interesting challenge. Can you say Breakdown Central?

Luckily, you’ll have a strong appetite for FUN starting November 22, when the Sun begins its monthlong visit to Sagittarius and your fifth house of passion, play and creativity. If you’ve been cooped up at home, shuck those yoga pants and slip into something cute and head-turning. Your fierce Leo roar is back! With el Sol (your cosmic ruler) heating up your frisky fifth house, you’ll be feeling flirty and in the mood for romance. Book those date nights and make the rounds of holiday parties with your favorite plus-one. If you start the night solo, don’t expect to end it that way.

You’ll have admirers aplenty to choose from! The November 26 Sagittarius new moon kicks off a fresh six-month chapter in your love life, so stay especially open to prospects today if you’re single. For couples, this lunation could spark a new chapter of closeness. Thinking babies? The fifth house rules fertility, so between now and next summer’s Sagittarius lunar (full moon) eclipse, a visit from the old stork may be in order. And with fantasy planet Neptune turning direct (forward) on November 27 in your eighth house of sex, intimacy and shared assets after a five-month retrograde, you’ll be all the more inspired to “practice.” A sweet receptiveness to sharing your life—and letting down your guard—is underway.

If you’re in the U.S., Thanksgiving kicks off on a healthy note as the moon, beautifying Venus, structured Saturn and Pluto all gather in Capricorn and your sixth house of wellness. Avoid the tryptophan turkey coma by loading up on root vegetables. Stock your holiday gift list with things that help you live a more streamlined and salubrious life, and make self-care an easy feat. In less than a week (on December 2), lucky Jupiter will also move into Capricorn, parking itself here for a full year. You’ll be ready to tackle the practical side of your life and turn it into an adventure. Who says being healthy is “boring”? Not you, Leo!


Your 2019 holiday season gets off to a playful and passionate start. With amorous Venus sashaying through Sagittarius and your flirtatious, flamboyant fifth house from November 1 to 25, love is in the air as much as the scent of pumpkin spice. Whether you’re single or attached, you’ll be in the mood to dress up, turn heads and pack your calendar with glam events. Unattached Lions may not want anything too serious during this “pick of the litter” cycle. Just be up-front about your intentions (or lack thereof). But prepare to have your heart captured all the same!

Meanwhile, over in your social sector, Mars is charging through Libra until November 19. In spite of a self-declared “free bird” status, you could meet someone who sweeps you off your suede ankle boots when you least expect it. Pay attention to friends who insist they know the “perfect” person for you. For once, they might be right! Couples will appreciate the opportunity to step out of any stressful circular conversations and just enjoy each other’s company. Organize some casual gatherings with mutual friends, like concerts or comedy shows. Variety can’t help but bring some sizzle to your shared life!

On November 19, fiery Mars relocates to lusty Scorpio until January 3, 2020, turning up the heat in your domestic quarters. You might start talking more seriously about moving in together or meeting each other’s families—or maybe even starting your own. Been there, done that? Be aware that parenting can be stressful with Mars churning up everyone’s emotions. Try to find the humor in every situation and double down on self-care while your emotions are fragile.

One of 2019’s best days for love arrives on November 24, when the two most auspicious planets, Venus and Jupiter, unite in your passionate fifth house. While these two align one day every year, they only connect in your romance sector once every 12 years. Don’t miss it! This could be a huge, heart-opening moment, a time to take a chance on a relationship or try something totally new. Go big with your declarations of devotion, whether you present your sweetie with a memorable gift (plane tickets for two, maybe, since Jupiter rules travel?) or just share from the heart. Stretch as far out of your comfort zone as you can, Leo.

Key Dates:
November 14: Venus-Neptune square

Don’t get caught up in a fantasy that has zero chance of going the distance. Singles could feel an irresistible attraction to someone who has “player” written all over them. Is one night (or even a week) of passion worth the heartache you could feel afterward? If you’re in a relationship, you might give your partner a pass on something that doesn’t serve either of you. Rub the pixie dust out of your eyes and deal!


We’ll be honest, Leo: you may be in the mood for anything BUT work during the first three weeks of November. With the Sun in Scorpio and your domestic fourth house until November 22, “work from bed” sounds like the most appealing option. But who says you can’t turn your roost into a revenue-generating HQ? Spruce up your resume and consider marketing your skills virtually through a site like Fiverr or Upwork for side-hustle holiday cash. Sell a few wares on Amazon or Etsy if you’re the “maker” type. Dedicate one room or area of your home specifically as an office—preferably far from TVs and noisy spots to prevent an avalanche of distractions. Schedule Zoom meetings so you’re not completely in the land of the lost, and set firm clock in-clock out times.

Just watch out for Mercury retrograde, a tricky transit that foils technology, communication and travel, from October 31 to November 20. With Mercury back spinning through Scorpio, your home or living situation could turn into a hotbed of stress, especially if you’re moving or trying to find a quiet, uncluttered place to be productive. Consider this your motivation to clean things up at the Leo Inn! When energizing, anxious Mars zooms into Scorpio from November 19 to January 3, your household could be a revolving door of guests and activity.

Meantime, get out to mingle for some jingle. Mars is in Libra and your social, interactive third house until November 19, a great time for pitch meetings, social media and email blasts and hitting the event circuit. Just heed the precautions of Mercury retrograde and leave early for appointments. While you’re at it, triple-confirm—and keep any edgy or racy content off your social media feeds, as it could adversely affect your public image.

The high point for your career arrives at the November 12 Taurus full moon, which illuminates your tenth house of success. A goal you’ve been working toward for the past six months could come together with a flourish! All eyes are on you now (what else is new Leo?) so prepare for your moment in the spotlight! As the saying goes, if you stay ready, you won’t have to get ready. But watch that ego, especially with authority figures. You have a lot of power now, so don’t overstep bounds and risk burning a bridge.

Work and play combine starting November 22, when the Sun lands in Sagittarius for a month, warming up your fifth house of creativity. At the Sagittarius new moon, you could throw a party and play superconnector, debut a glam new style or launch an attention-grabbing project you’ve been working on secretly. Go big and bold—Leo style!—with your debuts. Show the world, rather than telling them, how huge your vision truly is.

Key Dates:
November 5: Mars-Pluto square

Be strategic about how much you reveal today. Under this contentious mashup, you could get sucked into a power struggle or a battle of wills that you’re not remotely in the mood for. Keep your perfectionism in check and make sure you’re not “accidentally” micromanaging someone. It won’t be appreciated.

Love Days: 26, 4
Money Days: 12, 19
Luck Days: 9, 17
Off Days: 16, 28, 6

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