Lauren London Announces Collaboration With Puma In Moving Video That Pays Tribute To Nipsey Hussle

Today (Dec. 10), Lauren London and Puma announced their latest campaign, “Forever Stronger.” 

Lauren posted a series of photos on Instagram along with a snippet of her YouTube video debuting a bob haircut.

Yes, Lauren is modeling clothing by Puma, however, the piece is more than an ad.

“Forever Stronger” is essentially a 3-minute love letter to her late love Nipsey Hussle. It features scenes from her Los Angeles neighborhood, including the Slauson mall. The tear-jerking campaign features a spoken word by Lauren, written by the late Nipsey Hussle’s baby sister, Samantha Smith

“Pain is the light, pain is insight. The body hurts, but the spirit grows. The flesh is starving while wisdom overflows. I got a question only lord knows… Does life birth us twice?” are words spoken by the actress. 

Lauren recites a poem that focuses on the fact that despite our differences, we all somehow connected through love. 

“There is nothing to hide here, no way to pretend. We relate, we disagree, we disengage. We are running into each other. We are the song that writes itself,” she says.

The campaign features the actress driving through the streets of Crenshaw, passing by memorials constructed in honor of Nipsey. 

Take a look at the heartfelt video below. 


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