Kris Jenner Gave Stormi a Life-Size Playhouse for Christmas

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Last time I watched Kylie Jenner’s YouTube channel, the Moet vending machine in her Kylie Cosmetics office called me broke (among other things, like her office glam room, the kitchen, and studio space). To torture myself a bit more, I returned to the beauty mogul’s channel again today, December 23, to watch her latest video, in which she gives viewers a tour of her festive house. The video started off with Kylie showing off all five (!) of her Christmas trees, and I felt at ease knowing I wouldn’t feel attacked again—until she revealed what Kris Jenner bought Stormi, her daughter, for Christmas.

Stormi’s only one year old (she’ll turn two this coming February) and she’s already a home owner. That’s right, Kris gifted Stormi a playhouse for Christmas reminiscent of the one Kylie had when she was Stormi’s age. “I used to have a house like this when I was Stormi’s age,” Kylie said as Kris escorts her to the playhouse. “This makes me wanna cry.”

“This just reminds me of when you were a little girl,” Kris said to her daughter through tears. “I love you so much. I want you to have the same memories with your daughter.”

The playhouse comes equipped with the same wooden furniture baby Kylie had in her version, including a fake sink, oven/stove, and refrigerator. Stormi won’t have to worry about heat since the playhouse also comes with an air conditioner, but should she need fresh air, the one-year-old can climb upstairs to a door that leads to her own balcony.

Christmas is cancelled. Stormi won.

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