King Combs Gets ‘Naughty’ And Nocturnal In New Music Video With Jeremih

Written by Diamond Alexis

Closing out 2019 with a sultry bang, King Combs climbed over to the naughty list for his latest music video, “Naughty,” featuring R&B singer Jeremih on Friday (November 22).

The track is a beaming highlight hit of his March-released Cyncerely, C3 EP and arrives in visual form as one of the project’s smoother, radio-compatible vibes. The music video stays the course, as Combs finds himself pursuing a gorgeous lady who arrests his attention as she strolls past the barbershop. After finally catching up with her, he flexes her around on the back of his four-wheeler before escorting her to a romantically secluded hangout just for the two of them—or so we thought. The spot apparently came with a plus one, who struts past the 21-year-old and his lady in a black, curve-hugging dress that immediately turns Christian’s neck. By nightfall, he’s unleashed the Bad Boy charm on the new woman of his eye.

King Combs exclusively shared some of the behind-the-scenes moments leading up to the “Naughty” music video release with, including how the collaboration came about with Jeremih. Combs’ engineer was the connecting piece, who happens to be a mutual friend of Combs and the Chicago crooner. After arriving at Jeremih’s home one night, he explained, the rest became history.

“When we got together, it was really natural,” he said. “Off the rip, he told me that he liked my previous music, and of course I liked his. He just played a bunch of beats and demos, and I heard this one that just gave me the vibe of fun, happiness, and cuffin’. I really wanted it to be with a female and on that smooth talk. I knew this was the song I needed with Jeremih— a smooth verse, with the smooth hook. That’s how it came together, and we did it right there in his house.”

(Photo: Evans Alexandre/ BET)

Combs also added his excitement for watching the visual creation unfold on the big screen in Times Square. Moments like this are a tangible testament to his hands-on approach he takes on the creative involvement behind his music as well. “The best part about it is getting to really see your dream come true on the camera and what you were envisioning,” he expressed. “That’s a real moment. Everything you’re thinking about, talking about, and working for—it came true.”

Indeed, it did, and for all of New York’s most buzzing metropolis to witness.

Check out King Combs’ fresh “Naughty” visual above.

(Photo: Evans Alexandre/ BET)

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