Kendall Jenner Trolled Kylie by Pretending to Be Her on ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’

Just in time for the holiday, Kendall Jenner took part in a favorite tradition of some siblings: trolling each other. The model dressed up like Kylie Jenner for the next episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kendall had on a multi-colored wig, made fun of Kylie’s lip kit swatches, and even FaceTimed Kylie while in character. This was all filmed for everyone’s entertainment, naturally, and it looks like she wasn’t the only Kardashian dressing up like another family member:

In the clip, the real Kylie had nothing but nice things to say about Kendall’s impersonation of her. “Oh my god!” Kylie exclaimed seeing Kendall dressed like her on FaceTime.

“I’m Kylie,” Kendall said.

“You look cute as Kylie,” Kylie replied. “It looks amazing.”



The teaser clip comes just one day after Kendall appeared on the Late Late Show with her ex-boyfriend-turned-friend Harry Styles. The two played Spill Your Guts, Kendall ended up ranking her siblings from best to worst parent there to avoid drinking 1,000 year old egg nog. Kylie did not get top honors.

“They actually really all amazing,” Kendall said. “Rob is number 1, and then that’s so hard, they’re all amazing. Then I would be like Khloé, Kim, Kylie, Kourtney. They’re all amazing.”

Kendall did not answer either of the other two questions Harry asked—the least expected celeb to slip into her DMs and who is the rudest model she encountered—so Kendall had to drink a bit of a salmon smoothie and eat bull penis.

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