Kandi Burruss Says Her Family Judged Her For Having Her Baby Blazy Through A Surrogate | Celebrities

Kandi Burruss’ surrogacy journey played out on Real Housewives of Atlanta, and while fans of the show may have enjoyed watching her go through the magical period, some people within her family weren’t too pleased with her decision to have someone else give birth to her third baby.

Burruss was recently a guest on The Tamron Hall Show and explained how it “hurt her feelings” when relatives questioned why she wanted to have her daughter, Blaze, via a surrogate.

“One of my family members brought up, ‘Well you don’t think you’re going to bond with her?’ and it just kind of hurt my feelings,” she said. “I didn’t say anything, but it did hurt my feelings. Overall, I just think people have to be a little more sensitive when that subject comes up. I still get a little sensitive about it. 

“People don’t really have the information, so they don’t really know,” she added. “It scares you as soon as you find out, obviously. I mean, people are like, ‘Why you wanna do that?’ and they automatically think it’s a ‘vain’ decision, that you’re doing it just ‘cause you don’t want to… c’mon honey, I’ve got money to get my body back if I need to.”

It’s sad to hear that members of her family were judging her for any reason, and particularly this, considering she tried to conceive her baby naturally but struggled to. Kandi also told Tamron she became good friends with her gestational carrier, Shadina Blunt, and felt it was important to really know the woman who carried her child.

“Some people don’t even meet their surrogate, but for me I was like I want to know who’s carrying my baby around,” she said. “We would communicate on a regular basis and through that we became friends. That was a very selfless act that she did for us.”

On RHOA, Shadina was seen being accompanied by Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker, at her doctor’s appointments.

Kandi’s daughter, Blaze, was born on November 22 of last year. Watch the full segment from The Tamron Hall Show below.

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