Justice League Snyder Cut talk from Zack Snyder himself + clip!

snyder cut of justice league

In what’s a victory lap for a very good cause at this weekend’s Justice Con (hosted by Nerd Queens and benefitting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Ink to the People) Zack Snyder showed up to share some info on his Snyder Cut as well as show a tantalizing couple of seconds from his new cut with a pretty crazy reveal, with more, no doubt, to come at DC FanDome in August. 

But first – here’s what you all probably want to see, a tiny, tiny clip from Zack Snyder‘s JUSTICE LEAGUE!

  • Snyder always had a trailer for his cut of JUSTICE LEAGUE and was tempted to sneak into Hall H and bribe the AV guy to show it.
  • The film is set to hit HBO Max next year.
  • Says there’s tons of work with all the VFX needed to put his version of Steppenwolf back in plus all the VFX on the additional scenes.
  • Said his original cut was done in February 2017. 
  • He said that’s a super long version of the movie and had intended to shorten it to the studio mandated length. So the work he’s been doing is on his giant director’s cut. 
  • Always hoped he could show the long version of the film.
  • Mentioned that the length of the other movies he did often relied on certain things. For example, to show WATCHMAN in IMAX on their reels it couldn’t run a minute longer than it does.
  • Considered two hours a restrictive length for a movie like JUSTICE LEAGUE with all of these characters. “It’s hard to dig too deep in two hours.”
  • “I’ve never been accused of making short movies….I feel like it’s a very natural length for this movie.”
  • Said it’s interesting and cool to work with the original Steppenwolf design which was in all the pre-viz.
  • Called Steppenwolf a “spikey fucker”.
  • Zack Snyder’s JUSTICE LEAGUE” is the full, legal name of the film. It’s the correct way of looking at the movie because it’s a pure, unencumbered version of the movie.
  • “This is our take…our approach..it’s pretty singular.”
  • When he shot BVS he shot much of it in IMAX and was obsessed with the pure IMAX 1:43 aspect ratio – in its full format which only exists in these science centers.
  • Became obsessed with the “big square” as opposed to how anamorphic and wide movies are getting.
  • Shot it as a 1:43 film with the idea it could be shown at these science centers. Wanted the entire film to be able to play in that massive ratio/
  • Compositionally fell in love with that vertical ratio. Noted the Wonder Woman scene he released was full in-camera 1:43 ratio. 
  • Noted a lot of scenes were “fucked up by the crop”. 
  • Makes it sound like the entire film will be presented as 1:43:1 – so get ready for black bars on either side of the screen (note – this is speculation on my part). 
  • Has made a special shirt with “Associate Producer” labeled on it and a place to stencil in your name, as he considers everyone who supported the Snyder Cut producers. Noted the first 1000 will be free online at DC FanDome – the rest will support InkToThePeople 
  • Showed a clip from the Snyder Cut with Superman landing with a BLACK COSTUME meeting Jeremy Irons’ Alfred. “I assume you’re Alfred”. 
  • On Cavill’s mustache – he mentions you will never see an image of him with a mustache in his cut.
  • On whether he’d use some of Whedon’s scenes: “there will be no chance on earth…I would destroy the movie…I would set in on fire before I’d use a frame I didn’t shoot”
  • Anything you see in this that reminds you at the theatrical release it because it was something he’d already done.
  • Junkie XL is working like a maniac on it right now. Was on the phone with him this morning. 
  • Says no black suit was made – that’s color correction. The studio did not want a black suit.
  • On Green Lantern: didn’t say anything! Evaded the question playfully
  • Says Ray Fisher hasn’t seen it and he won’t let him see it until it’s done as the movie is really about him.
  • Did a cut of the movie in black & white which changed his way of looking at the film but the final cut will be in color but “my color”. 
  • He would not reveal if it will be a series or a movie but will reveal at Fan Dome, but it’s longer than 214 minutes now.
  • Actually thinks a series would be better but not saying that’s what it is.
  • Was his and Deborah Snyder’s decision to leave the movie but not their call on who replaced them.
  • A teaser is coming at FanDome!

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