Josh Gad recaps the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy as Olaf

Josh Gad, Star Wars, Olaf, Prequel Trilogy

With the U.S. Presidential election now less than a week away, Americans have been encouraged to get out and vote like never before, and there have been plenty of celebrities who have been getting the word out and offering up fun little incentives for doing so. FROZEN star Josh Gad has been particularly vocal about the upcoming election and posted a video on Twitter just yesterday promising that if his message to get the vote out surpassed 10,000 retweets (which had to include your “I Voted” stickers), he would recap the entire STAR WARS franchise in the voice of Olaf, his snow-man character from FROZEN.

Well, that milestone was quickly achieved and Josh Gad is a man of his word. The actor posted a video on Instagram in which he recaps the STAR WARS Prequel Trilogy (with the Original Trilogy and Sequel Trilogy recaps coming later) as Olaf, complete with a few jokes and meta-commentary. It’s the STAR WARS/FROZEN cross-over you didn’t know you wanted!

Josh Gad also recently reprised his role of Olaf for ONCE UPON A SNOWMAN, a short-film that was released exclusively on Disney+ just last week. The short tells the story of what happened to Olaf right after he was created by Elsa and before he met Anna, Kristoff, and Sven.

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