Josh Gad once again tries to get Daisy Ridley to spoil Star Wars

Daisy Ridley, Josh Gad, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

As someone who has signed a multitude of NDAs in my time as a journalist, I know what it’s like to keep any number of film industry secrets. That being said, my internal struggle is nothing when compared to what the cast of STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER are obligated to keep hidden from the public, and I commend them for continuing to remain tight-lipped about one of the most anticipated finales in cinematic history.

Recently while continuing to ride the PR roller coaster for the final film in the Skywalker saga, Daisy Ridley was approached by FROZEN actor Josh Gad, and was asked to reveal top-secret information about her character’s family tree. Like a pro, Ridley denied Gad the info, but then the MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS actor decided to break out the big guns by inviting a revolving door of celebrities to grill the Star Wars standout about her upcoming adventure in a galaxy far, far away.



In attendance for the inquisitive conga line were celebrities the likes of Anna Kendrick, Tony Hale, Tina Fey, Awkwafina, Tom Holland, Questlove, Paul Bettany, and just for kicks, the director of STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER himself, J.J. Abrams. During the light-hearted grill session, Ridley was asked about everything from who Rey’s parents are to if her character turns toward the Dark Side, Kylo Ren-styles. She was also questioned about the fate of the resistance, as well as who the Skywalker in Rise of the Skywalker pertains to. It’s enough to make anyone with insider knowledge about the film want to force choke their inquisitors. Ridley plays it cool, though, because after all, it’s just a clever promotional bit for the big show.

Let the record show that Josh Gad is one tenacious son of a gun, and that he’s not about to let Ridley off the hook so easily. In fact, so eager is Gad for information about The Rise of Skywalker that he continued to sick celeb after celeb on the Star Wars actress, hoping that one of them would persuade her to spill the beans.


Wow! I mean, you’ve got to have stones to deny Dame Judy Dench, amiright? You hold your ground, Ms. Ridley, and may the force be with you, always. You’ve only got nine days to go until you can shout what you know to the heavens. Hold fast, Jedi master. The long wait is almost over!

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