Jimmy Butler Says ‘Something Happened’ That Caused Him To Leave The 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers blasted the Miami Heat 113-86 on Saturday night (November 23). 

It was Jimmy Butler’s return to Philly after leaving for the Heat via a sign and trade this past summer. 

Butler was booed by the fans, and after the game he shared some thoughts about his stint in the city of brotherly love. 

“Obviously, something happened,” Butler told The Athletic. “We’re not going to say what it was. We’re not going to go into detail.”

There were rumors circulating during last season that there was tension between Butler and some of the 76ers players. 

Given what had just transpired with Butler and the Timberwolves in Minnesota, prior to his arrival in Philadelphia, it was easy for people to run wild with speculation. 

However, Butler and Embiid shared an embrace, a few words and some laughs following Saturday’s game. 

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“He’s [Embiid] a hell of a human being, but a real, fucking basketball player,” Butler said. 

So, it doesn’t seem that the friction is between those two at least. 

“I didn’t do too much wrong by the fanbase here,” Butler said. “Nobody knows what really went on, besides the organization and myself. My agent. And my people…They don’t know what’s going on. I love fans. I love my fans. But you don’t know what happened.”

That’s the thing about an NBA franchise. The fans only know what gets reported to them. Even that has layers of truth depending on who the sources are. 

Based on what Butler said, it appears something went down as it related to the contract negotiations. He references the organization, his agent and his people. 

What went down? That apparently will remain a mystery. 

But Butler is happy to be in Miami and a member of the early-season surprise Heat. 

“But I’m happy, man. It brings me joy, being around this group of guys (in Miami). I don’t regret nothing, you feel me?”

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