Jermaine Dupri Begs Fans To Disregard Georgia Governor’s Reopening Of Non-Essential Businesses

Georgia governor Brian Kemp is ignoring nearly every health professional and scientist warning about reopening non-essential businesses in his state. Now, many of the state’s influential residents are taking matters into their own hands.

One of those is Jermaine Dupri, who is begging Georgians to stay at home despite the easing of shelter-in-place laws. The Atlanta-based producer and label owner believes it’s way too early for the public to mingle and is encouraging people to remain inside.

Dupri pointed out that COVID-19 is killing African-Americans at a disproportionately high rate and that Georgia ranks lowin testing for the virus.

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While he understands the challenges of remaining quarantined, he added that the stakes are too high and says “Don’t die ‘cause you bored!”

“It don’t have to be like that, we don’t have to go that way. We can change this,” he said, wearing a facemask under his chin. “Yes places are open and let them be open. Let ‘em feel that Black dollar too. It’s nothing. Another thing we ignore is that the city moves by the Black dollar. When it comes to economics, y’all don’t have to spend your money, man.”

The NAACP is going even further by directly calling Gov. Kemp’s decision “reckless and unilateral.” The civil rights organization says Kemp is placing “at risk communities in direct danger” of contracting COVID-19, and calling on citizens to continue to remain at home.

Watch the video of Jermaine Dupri’s plea for Georgian’s to stay home here.

For the latest on the coronavirus, check out BET’s blog on the virus, and contact your local health department or visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.


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