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Jeannie Mai’s parents sure keep a lot of secrets from her considering how close they seem. During a recent episode of her web series Hello Hunnay, the talk show host revealed both her parents were in serious relationships and didn’t tell her for years.

Jeannie’s mother, better known as Mama Mai to fans, often appears on The Real co-host’s web show, but on Thursday’s (December 12) episode, it was Papa Mai who appeared on the program. During the sit down, he admitted he’s had a girlfriend for a decade, and apparently this is news to his daughter.

“My dad has never confirmed that he has a girlfriend,” Mai began. ”All we do is see the back of his bald head in Facebook pictures. And this woman, the same woman who showed up for six years, and he never confirmed that he has a girlfriend.”  Since he likes to keep his personal business private, Papa Mai didn’t reveal the details of his dating life. Jeannie used the opportunity to grill her father over his dating life, until he admitted that he has been dating the woman for the last 10 years.

Jeannie then shared that her parents have been divorced for 20 years and during that span, her mother also moved on to a long term relationship, and even remarried. In fact, on a recent episode of The Real, Mai shared that only recently she found out her mom married the man she’d been dating.

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“Why do you guys do this to me? Oh my God!” Jeanne says on Hello Hunnay. “I found out my mom has been married for how many years? I found that out last year!”

Jeannie Mai herself is currently in a relationship with Jeezy, which she herself kept on the downlow for a while before they went public just a few weeks ago. Looks like it runs in the family! 

Watch the full segment below.

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