Jay-Z Reportedly Taking Legal Action To Have Deepfakes Removed From YouTube | Music

Jay-Z is reportedly flexing his legal resources in order to get a fake audio clip that depicts him singing Billy Joel and reciting Shakespeare removed from YouTube.

The videos, which appeared on YouTube, use a computer-generated text-to-speech model programmed to learn the Brooklyn rapper’s speech pattern. As a result, a realistic-looking clip surfaced of Jay-Z reciting Shakespeare’s “To Be Or Not To Be” monologue from Hamlet and another one of him singing along to Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire.” 

According to The Verge, Hov’s label Roc Nation is now doing what they can legally to have the clips taken down via a copyright strike. The endeavor to get a deepfake removed from YouTube by using copyright law would set legal precedent. 

The videos were temporarily taken down by YouTube following Roc Nation’s strike, however, they were reinstated because Roc Nation’s takedown requests were reportedly found to be “incomplete.”

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