Jason Derulo Wants To Keep His Feet Hidden Away| BET

Jason Derulo has been known to show off his bod for fans, but the “Talk Dirty” singer recently let fans know he has insecurities too.

The 30-year-old was at LAX when he revealed one body part that he’s not the biggest fan of when looking in the mirror: his feet.

“I don’t really like my feet. I got like athlete’s, like. Like I’ve been running, I’ve been dancing on my joints,” he told a reporter.

It’s shocking to hear the performer mention his disappointment being someone far from shy on Instagram. Derulo sparked a lot of conversation after he posted and deleted a very revealing photo of himself wearing a swimsuit.

But regardless, he laughed about his insecurity and attributes his not-so-great feet to the amount of time he spends on his feet as a performer. But luckily there’s an easy fix.

“Ya know what? I should do more of that,” Derulo said about hitting the nail salon for pedicures. “It might give me a little help.”

Looks like the singer is working on getting his feet right.

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