Jason Derulo Has Some Serious Questions About His Genitalia In The Movie ‘Cats’ | Celebrities

Jason Derulo recently made headlines for calling out Instagram for deleting a very revealing photo of himself in a swimsuit, and now, he continues his public discourse surrounding non-visible private parts.

The singer joined Andy Cohen’s Sirius XM radio show on Monday (December 16) and discussed how his new movie Cats and the lack of genitalia is visible.

The Bravo host said, “You’re in tights in Cats it makes me think that they…”

“CGI’d the d**k out? Yeah, they did CGI [it out]. I noticed that,” Derulo interjected while laughing. 

Cohen then asked, “You think that they airbrushed your penis out of the Cats film?”

“One hundred and twenty-five percent,” Derulo replied. “It was actually hilarious, Rebel Wilson was talking about it on a show we were on. She said, ‘We were all naked.’”

“Were you surprised that they airbrushed it out?” asked Cohen.

“I’m not surprised,” Derulo said. “To make it as cat-like as possible, I think that’s what it was about, you know?”

Derulo stars as Rum Tug Tugger in the film, which hits theaters this Friday.

Listen to the genitilia segment of the interview below.

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