Jackée Harry Threw Some Serious Shade At Ja Rule | Celebrities

Ja Rule was getting some serious side-eyes yesterday when he posted a picture of a flyer advertising “Value Tax Service.” This is coming from a man who went to prison for tax evasion and admitted he owed the IRS $2 million in back taxes just last year. See the Instagram post below:

It was also posted on Twitter, which proceeded to clown the rapper, but television legend Jackée Harry had the best response. When he claimed social media was for “clowns,” she wrote on Twitter, “If all the celebs left social media who would promote fraudulent music festivals?”

Ja has since deleted the social media is for clowns tweet.

Harry was referencing the 2017 Fyre Festival, which was run by Billy McFarland and co-run by Ja Rule. The festival ended up swindling thousands of people out of money, and McFarland was sent to prison. Ja, 43, was cleared of any criminal charges, but documentaries did not show him in the best light.

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