It’s Dad jokes for days in this hilarious Joker parody video

I used to hate Dad Jokes. Rife with puns, painfully obvious, and more often than not unfunny, I just did not get the appeal. Like many I found them annoying and juvenile. And then something happened. I became a Dad. Suddenly I understood Dad jokes. The point is not that the jokes are funny (they aren’t) it’s that they illicit groans and eye-rolls from others. THAT’s what’s funny. At this point nobody trusts me when it comes to me telling jokes. It’s kind of like stairs. They always think I’m up to something. Seriously, I think I’m about three Dad jokes away from my wife divorcing me.

But I digress.

With over a billion dollars at the global box office and eleven Oscar nominations, Todd PhillipsJOKER has become a global phenomenon. People from all walks of life seem to love this film. That apparently includes Dads who revel in Dad jokes. The good folks over to YouTube channel The Dad loved the Joaquin Phoenix movie so much they decided to make the parody video “Dad Joke(r)”. And unlike most Dad Jokes, this video is actually hilarious. Check it out:

Oh my God. Where to start? The Dad Joke humor just oozes from this video. Whether it’s the white low-top Nike shoes, the detached finger bit, the crazy pancake joke, or the old school “see you next Fall” line, the Dad Jokes are strong with this one. Also credit where it’s due, this is high quality cinema craftsmanship here. The fake trailer perfectly captures the essence of Todd Phillips‘ JOKER right down to Arthur Fleck’s wardrobe. The Dad even manages to re-create classic moments from the film including the famous stair dancing and subway scenes. Hell they even used Jimmy Durante’s “Smile.” And holy shit does this guy have Joaquin Phoenix‘s Joker laugh down pat.

So did you find this video funny? Do you hate Dad Jokes? Are you a fan of JOKER? How many Oscars do you think it will win? Let us know in the comments below!

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