Inside Khloé Kardashian’s Lavish Birthday Party at Kylie Jenner’s House

Khloé Kardashian turned 36 years old on June 27, and her sister Kylie Jenner was sure to give her a bash just as extravagant as the birthday celebrations she gives her daughter, Stormi.

There was even an inflatable slide with Khloé’s face at the top.

khloe birthday

Khloé KardashianInstagram

There were also plenty of balloons, including some that spelled out Khloé’s nickname, in case you forgot whose party you were attending.

khloé kardashian bday

Khloé KardashianInstagram

khloe kardashian balloons

Khloé Kardashian

Apparently there were pillows of the birthday girl’s face:

khloe kardashian bday

Khloé KardashianInstagram

Look at this cake, featuring Khloé and her 2-year-old daughter, True:

In fact, there was more than one cake:

The Kardashian sisters, who don’t seem to be social distancing from each other too much, then appeared to make a joint decision to pile on each other. Kylie took a video of Khloé on top of Kourtney and Kendall joining in. Here’s a screenshot of the action moment:

Although she might have been inciting conflict among her sisters, Kendall did give Khloé this sweet birthday shout-out via a throwback photo from Kendall’s toddler days.

The Kardashians don’t seem to want to let a birthday go by without giving it proper recognition. If you’re a Jenner or Kardashian, this means lavish gifts, possible custom T-shirts or jackets, and goodie bags that would put any teen on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 to shame.

When Scott Disick, the father of Kourtney’s kids, turned 37 a month ago, the family broke quarantine for his party. They were pretty quiet about it that weekend, but a few weeks later, Kim Kardashian posted about the event.

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“We celebrated Scott’s bday a few weeks ago with just family and it was really my first time being around a group of people (small group),” she wrote. “It was kind of nice but kind of scary, too.”

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