Indian Couple Explains Why They’re Calling Their Newborn Twins ‘Corona’ And ‘Covid’

Coronavirus is inspiring a lot of things — from Tik Tok challenges to creative meals — but for one couple in India, the global pandemic has inspired nicknames for their newborn twin babies.

Preeti Verma, 27, of Raipur gave birth to her twins, a boy and a girl, on March 26, during India’s nationwide lockdown. She says she and her husband decided to call the babies “Corona” and “Covid” in order to “remind them about all the hardships they conquered” to welcome their children in the midst of a global pandemic.

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“The delivery happened after facing several difficulties and therefore, my husband and I wanted to make the day memorable,” she tells NDTV. “We have named them Covid [boy] and Corona [girl] for now.”

In case you were worried, the kids will not be stuck with those names into adulthood, long after the virus has gone. As a result of historically high rates of infant mortality in the country, it’s common in India to hold off assigning official names to babies until they’re at least six months old. So, “Corona” and “Covid” are likely just nicknames — and reminders to their family members to wash their hands and the importance of social distancing. 

“Indeed the virus is dangerous and life-threatening but its outbreak made people focus on sanitation, hygiene and inculcate other good habits. Thus, we thought about these names,” Verma explains, adding that she and her husband are likely to change their kids’ names eventually.

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