How Harry Styles Responded When Kyle Sandilands Suggested He Was a Playboy

Harry Styles 

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Harry Styles had to maneuver a particularly awkward question about his love life during a radio interview this week, and did so with more grace than the question even warranted. Styles dialed into the Kyle and Jackie O show, an Australian radio program. Host Kyle Sandilands essentially asked Styles if he was playboy, and Styles informed him he was not. But the line of questioning was pretty inappropriate.

Sandilands started, “When I think of you, I think that you’re like Vinnie from Entourage, Vinnie Chase, you’ve got a couple of friends around, you’re doing your thing there’s women rolling in and out. You’re just bouncing from one project to another depending on what your passion is and what you’re interested in. Is that what your life is like? Or is it a lot more normal than we would think?”

Styles tactfully responded that “for me, it’s very much about—I like to split the two in terms of working and not working, so. I’m definitely aware that a lot of working life can be extraordinary at times and isn’t kind of the average thing, and then with my personal life, it’s kind of—I’d say it’s pretty normal.”

“Pretty normal, what a shame,” Sandilands responded. “I would have thought there would’ve been models and —”

“Sorry, man,” Styles said.

“And girls would be fighting [over you], and you’d be like, ‘ladies, ladies, one at a time, please’ Nothing like that? It feels like such a waste!” Sandilands remarked.

“No, I don’t do that, I’m sorry,” Styles said again.

“You don’t have to apologize, Harry,” Sandilands’ co-host, Jackie “O” Henderson, said, trying to get the conversation back on track. “It’s your life. It’s your choices.” And then she transitioned into a question about fashion.

Styles’ fans on Twitter were of course not happy about the interview and commended the way he handled Sandilands’ questions.

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