Homicide And Death Penalty Expert Will Represent Brianna Williams | National

Brianna Williams was arrested last week and was officially moved to a jail cell on Thursday (November 21) in connection with the disappearance of her five-year-old daughter Taylor Williams.

According to First Coast News, Alan Chipperfield, a senior attorney with the public defender’s office in Jacksonville, Florida, has been assigned to represent Williams.

“Alan is respected and known throughout the state for handling cases, many cases,” Charlie Cofer, the Public Defender of Floida’s 4th Judicial Circuit, told the news station. He also says Chipperfield has a long history of working high profile cases.

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Brianna Williams is currently on suicide watch after a drug overdose from last week. That same day she was arrested.

Since then, human remains were discovered in Demopolis, Alabama, near Williams’ hometown.

“There are still a lot of unknowns right now,” Cofer said regarding the case. “Normally, on a homicide case, if it’s a homicide case, we have two attorneys on each case.”

Williams currently faces charges of child neglect and lying to police. She has a court date on December 4 at the Duval County Courthouse where she could enter a plea if the State Attorney’s Office files formal charges.

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