HIV Positive Dance Coach Featured On Reality TV Show ‘Bring It!’ Pleads Guilty To Raping 16-Year-Old Boy | National

John Conner III, a dance teacher who appeared on the Lifetime reality show “Bring It!,” has pleaded guilty in Tennessee to raping his 16-year-old student and exposing the boy to HIV.

On Tuesday (November 19), the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office, according to WREG News 3 Memphis, announced the 30-year-old avoided trial when he pleaded guilty to criminal exposure to HIV, statutory rape by an authority figure and solicitation of a minor.

Investigators allege that in 2015, when Connor was 26, he had unprotected sex numerous times in the backseat of his car with a 16-year-old boy he met on social media.

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Subsequently, the minor joined Conner’s dance team, the Infamous Dancerettes, which were featured on “Bring It!”

The relationship between the teacher and student reportedly continued via text messages that included details about their sexual activity and nude photos. Prosecutors say Connor did not inform the teen he was diagnosed with HIV in 2012.

In August 2016, when the boy learned of Conner’s HIV-positive status, he told his parents about his sexual activity with Conner, and it was around that time he also tested positive for the virus.

Conner is scheduled to be sentenced on December 20 and currently has two other cases pending involving sex with partners ages 17 and 24.

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