Here Are the Best Jennifer Lopez SNL Sketches

Jennifer Lopez hosted Saturday Night Live last night, and she kicked off the night while wearing a suit, complete with bow tie. Her monologue was on the earnest side: She talked about the insanely good year she’s had, during which she was “proposed to by a Yankee,” turned 50, “slayed the Met Gala,” and walked the runway in Milan wearing her famous green Versace gown from nearly 20 years ago.

Then she ended the whole thing with a dance with “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” while dancing with the Rockettes. And the green Versace dress made a surprise appearance; you just never know when that thing is going to show up.

It’s clear that no one has had more fun this year than J.Lo—especially J.Lo on SNL. Here are a few examples of Lopez having the time of her life last night.

Saturday Night Live - Season 45

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The Corporal

When Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon get together in a sketch, SNL audiences are always in for a quality few minutes of comedy. This time, on the fake tv show What Do You Figure Is Goin’ On In that House? they play two normal-looking sisters who keep their third sisters hidden in a room upstairs and tell her that she is very ugly. They cover all the mirrors in the house, so she has no idea what she looks like. Turns out she’s J.Lo in a form-fitting sparkly dress, looking perfect and gorgeous as always. The joke is that she doesn’t know any of that. Honestly, it’s a really good joke.

Surprise Home Makeover

They have a lot of fun with the fact that J. Lo is a glowing, beautiful goddess. And J. Lo plays along. In this sketch, Lopez and her husband (Mikey Day) win a home makeover, and the host of the makeover show (Kenan Thompson) is flabbergasted that someone looks like J. Lo is married to a nerdy man who likes The Smurfs and rollerblading. To top it off, J. Lo plays a human rights lawyer—like Amal Clooney.

Hip-Hop Carolers

Jenny from the Block returns with this skit about hip-hop carolers. They set up their songs to make them sound traditional, but instead they rap and sing about “Home Alone.” That actually sounds pretty great.

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