Gal Gadot swings into action in first Wonder Woman 1984 trailer!

The first full WONDER WOMAN 1984 trailer has finally unleashed, giving Wonder Woman fans a taste of things to come next summer.  Debuting exclusively at CCXP (Comic Con Experience) in Brazil, Gal Gadot took to the stage to intro the new trailer, which features returning star Chris Pine as Steve Trevor and new additions of The Mandalorian himself, Pedro Pascal as classic DC Villain Max Lord and Kristen Wiig as Cheetah!

It’s definitely an early look as there’s a lot of tease and not a lot of big reveals. Although it’s certainly clear that Maxwell Lord is supplying one side of the villain coin, they’re still saving the big reveal of Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah for later on. However, we did get a look at Diana’s full-on golden eagle armor costume, which has been used multiple times since first appearing in the Elseworld’s tale Kingdom Come in 1996 and it’s looking spot on. Still plenty to be revealed, but it’s looking like an epic action-adventure from Patty Jenkins and co. and a wild ride to boot.

Also, as a little bonus, Gal was interviewed by Cinepop about her thoughts on Zack Snyder’s cut of JUSTICE LEAGUE and what her feelings are about it. Gadot previously had joined in the #releasethesnydercut movement when she tweeted out the hashtag (along with Ben Affleck) on the two-year anniversary of the film’s release. Check out her comments below:

WONDER WOMAN 1984 punches into theaters on June 5, 2020!

Here’s some new character images as well, which also debuted at CCXP:

wonder woman

cheetah, wiig

steve trevor, chris pine

maxwell lord



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