Florida Man Arrested After Posting YouTube Videos About Burning Black People

A Florida man is facing federal charges after allegedly posting a series of YouTube videos threatening Christians and to “burn Black people” and “Black soldiers,” among other threats.

Authorities say Mostafa Hussaini, 34, posted at least a dozen YouTube videos from mid-October to early December, CBS News reports. 

In the videos, he goes by the name Vam Vima, CBS News reports. 

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A criminal complaint charges Hussaini with transmitting threatening communications, according to the Miami Herald, CBS News reports. 

According to the complaint, Hussaini uploaded a video showing him setting a living parakeet on fire before threatening Christians, CBS News reports.

“I don’t like Blacks I don’t know any Blacks I can not even name any Blacks I don’t know any Black people,” he says in a video, according to CBS News.

“Black people uses these beaches when you speak of Black, you look where your stuff is cuz they steal your stuff they’re thieves,” he says in another video, CBS News reports.

In yet another video, titled “Soldier Burns, Fantasizing Burning Enemy,” he says he wants to “burn Black people,” CBS News reports.

“Imagine burning some Black soldiers. They’re going to look very black after I’m done burning them. I convert thousands of millions of that so there will be lots of burning,” he says, CBS News reports.

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On Dec. 9, Hussaini allegedly posted another video recorded at Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida, CBS News reports. 

“I’m a businessman, I have no respect for degree,” he says in the video, CBS News reports. 

“I’ve already been contacted by security. Security alerted that I’m here. They don’t like me. Why don’t you pay me to teach a lesson here?” he also said in the video, standing outside of the Performing Arts Center at the University where he said he’d been thrown out, CBS News reports.

“On Dec. 9, NSU public safety officers witnessed a suspicious individual filming himself and confronted him,” Nova Southeastern University Director of Public Safety Larry Massey said in a statement to CBS Miami.  

“In collaboration with the Davie Police Department, a trespass warning was issued and DPD reached out to local F.B.I.,” Massey continued. “These disturbing videos were being posted to social media and all agencies continued to monitor the situation. Subsequently, police officers received verification that the subject was then wanted by the F.B.I.”

Massey added, “The individual was subsequently identified by law enforcement at a local gas station, leading to his arrest. While disturbing incidents happen every day in America, it is heartening to see that the process worked thanks to quick thinking and close collaboration between NSU and local and federal law enforcement.”

Hussaini is currently in custody and will remain in detention until a hearing slated for Wednesday (Dec. 18), CBS News reports.

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