Fan art of Star Wars’ Yoda with human skin will haunt your dreams

Although 1980’s STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK remains for many the best STAR WARS film to date, the entire movie hinges on one thing – Yoda. If not for the masterful puppeteering and voice work by Hollywood legend Frank Oz, the film completely falls apart. Oz’s work elevated the performance from something that could easily have been laughable into something iconic. Yoda’s line, “Try not! Do. Or do not. There is no try,” became one of the quoted movie lines in history. Oz successfully reprised the role in RETURN OF THE JEDI, the prequels, and THE LAST JEDI. God I’d love a Yoda spinoff show with him!

In more recent times, a new incarnation of Yoda’s species dubbed “Baby Yoda” has enchanted audiences with his cuteness on The Mandalorian. The Cub to Pedro Pascal‘s Lone Wolf, the duo has proved a solid balm to those burned by STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER. As cute as Baby Yoda is, I guarantee you this next piece of fan art is not. Apparently because he wants to start his own company specializing in nightmare fuel, Bloody Disgusting‘s Olly Smith imagined what it would look like if Yoda had human skin. The results are horrifying:



Excuse me I have to go throw up for the rest of my life.

Although I admire Smith’s talent, there’s some things that should just never exist. I can never unsee this. I can never look at Yoda again without recalling this horror. The first question that rang into my brain upon seeing this image was “WHY???!!!” in a very loud Terry Crews from Brooklyn 99 voice. I realize that by sharing this image I’m now subjecting you to this fever dream. However, if I have to suffer so must all of you!

The entire first season of The Mandalorian is currently streaming on Disney+ and hopefully we’ll someday see Yoda – with his regular green skin – on the big screen again.

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