Family Movie Night: Make These Magical Wizard Wands at Home

Looking to make the most of your next family movie night? Even if you’re not a wizard, you can settle in on the couch with a wand in hand. You never know when it might come in handy…

DQ® and Fandango invite fans to watch fun family features starting as low as 99 cents. Once you’ve selected your movie of choice, check out this DIY project below and enjoy!


To make your own magic wands, start with polymer or air-dry clay and wooden dowels. We used two different clay tools to create our designs, but you can use objects around the house to create similar results. Try the top of an ink pen or safety pin to help you mold your clay. 


We used a craft knife to taper one end of each dowel, although this step is optional. Roll and shape the clay into whatever design you would like — there’s no wrong way to do this! Use your tools to add small details to the clay — this is what really brings your design together. If you used air-dry clay, place your wands in a safe place to dry. If you used polymer clay, place the wands in the oven and bake according to the directions on the package.


After the wands have been removed from the oven and they’ve had a chance to cool, it’s time to paint. Magic wands come in many different colors, so feel free to use your favorite when making your wand! Simple acrylic craft paint is perfect for this. 


Lightly brush on brown paint and gently wipe it off to give your wands an antique effect. 



Now you’re ready to defend your living room! 

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