Ezra Miller’s The Flash zooms into Crisis on Infinite Earths!

For those following along with The CW’s mega-crossover event series, Crisis on Infinite Earths, a major surprise came zooming in on the penultimate episode, as Ezra Miller‘s Flash encountered Grant Gustin’s Flash, which marks the first first time a major DCEU character has interacted with their TV counterpart. Now, don’t get mad at me, as I am NOT watching Crisis, as the CW universe of shows aren’t really my bag, but I do appreciate the lengths showrunner Marc Guggenheim has gone to to make this show tie into the broader DC Universe, be it the original comic storyline, older DC films, previous TV actors from other DC shows and now a firm link to the greater DCEU. Anyway, I’ve said enough on that. Check out the encounter below:

I mean, that’s just cool. It’s great to see Ezra back in the suit, as it’s been a hell of a bumpy road since he was introducted into the DCEU with a brief cameo in SUICIDE SQUAD, an underwhelming stint in JUSTICE LEAGUE and the very definition of development hell for his solo film. However, IT director Andy Muschietti is now at the helm and it’s looking like Miler will finally get his chance to sprint across the big screen as the titular character. If anything, his appearance in Crisis shows that WB/DC are still committed to the actor portraying the Scarlet Speedster and that’s good enough for now.

Hopefully, Ezra and Andy’s THE FLASH will stay on course to cross the finish line to theaters on July 1st, 2022.

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