Eva Marcille Accused Of Bullying Kenya Moore Over Her ‘Geriatric Pregnancy’

The most recent episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta saw cast member Eva Marcille make some comments about her co-star Kenya Moore that didn’t sit well with the show’s audience. Fans took offense to the model shading the former beauty queen for having a “late-in-life baby.”

“Welcome to motherhood, ladies,” Eva said. “I know [she’s] having a late-in-life baby, but welcome, over the hill. This is what happens.”

After learning of the America’s Next Top Model winner’s words, Kenya took to Twitter to stress that they were completely unprovoked:

During the episode, tensions between the two women rose with Kenya confronting Eva for not bringing her kids to her daughter Brooklyn’s party.

“I feel like you’re making a problem with me, and there isn’t a problem,” Kenya told Eva. “You don’t want a problem with me. Trust me.”

In a new interview on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, Eva responded to Kenya’s latest claims, and accused her of “playing the victim.” During the sit-down, she said she was not taking jabs at Kenya about her parenting, but was, instead, just pointing out that she had a “geriatric pregnancy.”

“Kenya, to me, started it and it happens often. One of the young ladies will start a beef and someone will respond and they will get upset and cry victim when you respond in a manner that they don’t appreciate,” Eva said. “Anything after 35 is clinically considered a geriatric pregnancy. So, to say someone is having a later-in-life baby is a nice way of saying you’re having a baby after the clinical time doctors think is the optimal time to have a child. No one’s throwing a dig. Now, if you are offended that you had a baby later in life, then that’s your personal beef.”

Friend to the show Marlo Hampton took offense to Eva’s initial pregnancy comment during the episode. However, in response, Eva added that Marlo would not understand because she’s “never been pregnant.”

“I don’t have real beef with Marlo. Marlo just got a mouth,” she continued. “This season, I’m pregnant and I don’t have time for the drama, so when Marlo comes around, I’m leaving. I have a baby in utero.”

She also stressed, during the interview, that her comments were taken completely out of context.

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