Euphoria Season 2 News – Details, Spoilers, Release Date, Cast

Game of Thrones is long gone, Insecure won’t be back for another year, but this past summer, the good folks at HBO gave us another edgy series to become ridiculously obsessed with: Euphoria. If you’ve been living under a rock, it’s basically Degrassi, but on steroids molly, Xanax, Fentanyl, and whatever other drug the kids on the show are doing.

Toxic relationships, assault, addiction, and teen pregnancy were all covered in the first season’s eight episodes, but the East Highland students’ stories are far from over. If you’re caught up in its heady rush, you’re in luck—the show is returning for round two.

Here’s everything we know so far about Euphoria season two.

When will Euphoria return?

We don’t have an exact date, but on December 15, HBO confirmed on Twitter that Euphoria will return sometime in 2020. “My favorite thing to do in the world is watch great TV. But watching hype sizzle reels is a close second. See what’s available to stream now and what’s coming in 2020,” the network captioned a video of its 2020 releases, which opened with a shot of Rue and Jules at the carnival in season one.

Earlier in July, HBO announced it would be renewing Euphoria for a second season.

Euphoria creator Sam Levinson has built an incredible world with an extraordinary cast led by the supremely talented Zendaya,” Francesca Orsi, executive vice president of HBO Programming said in a statement. “We are so grateful that he chose HBO as the home for this groundbreaking series. We look forward to following these complex characters as their journeys continue through the challenging world they inhabit.”

Following the announcement, Zendaya reacted to the news. “Literally just got the call. Can’t say thank you enough for the support we’ve seen, wow,” Zendaya tweeted after the news was announced.

Season 1 premiered on June 19 and quickly became the most buzzed-about show. After wrapping up its first season just eight weeks later, season 2 could return again in the summer of 2020, though HBO hasn’t officially announced a release date.

What will season two be about?

Season 1 introduced us to Rue, a troubled 17-year-old (Zendaya Coleman) who grapples with drug addiction after her overdose. Then comes her new best friend Jules (Hunter Schafer), whom Rue falls in love with; some more high school drama—abusive relationships, drug dealing, substance abuse, etc.—and a bunch of equally messed up and horny teens. By the time the finale aired, we were left with a laundry list of questions.

  • What’s actually going on with Rue? Is she alive or dead?
  • Does Jules really love Rue?
  • Why isn’t Nate in jail already?
  • What will happen to Fez following his robbery?
  • What’s next for Cassie after going through with her abortion?
  • When will Maddy realize her worth and leave Nate alone for good?
  • Again, why the hell isn’t Nate in jail?

    Who’s returning for season 2?

    Hopefully, everyone! HBO left a lot of loose ends, so hopefully next season picks up right where we left off. Season 1 focused a lot on Rue, Jules, Nate, Maddy, Cassie, McKay and Kat. Fingers crossed Fez, Lexi, Gia, and Ethan get their stories told in the new season.

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